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At FAABI, we run activities that offer people a chance to increase their social life, have fun and experience new things. We hope that we help people move on in their journey after an ABI, but there are no rules that say they have to achieve anything to stay involved with the activities. However, we actively encourage people with ABI to take on leadership roles and run FAABI.

If you are interested in joining any future events, please contact us by email ( or on 0207 307 2570 to book a place.



Movie Nights

Each month FAABI members come together to sit back, relax, and enjoy a favourite movie with friends. Free entry, free pizza and drinks provided for the ultimate cinema experience.


Conversation Class

FAABI members get together and discuss various different topics.


Evening With

FAABI members get the opportunity to meet with special guest.

Off Site Events

Each month FAABI members go on an offsite trip or attend an event. Previous trips have included a guided tour of the TATE Modern, the London Eye and a free trip to Madame Tussauds. Keep updated by checking this page regularly!

Arts Workshop

The Arts Workshop is a nine week programme that allows participants to learn specific art techniques and create their own works of art.


This 6-week tournament is your opportunity to spend some relaxed time with fellow table football enthusiasts, playing the games of the FIFA World Cup and sharing a drink and nibbles.